Tamara Koren Pečar

I am Tamara Koren Pečar, from the coast, living in the countryside in Slovenian Istria. I love and am always exploring life, in all its forms, I am a big lover of nature and everything beautiful.

My love for nature was already formed in my childhood, because rural life offered me plenty of possibilities and opportunities to connect with nature, and I still do so to this day.

In connecting with nature, both with my inner and outer self, I found the strongest support, friend, motivator, therapist, life companion, work partner…

Forest baths are part of my mission, where I participate in partnership with nature. Ecology, care and feeling for nature lead me more and more to nature conservation waters and wherever else nature takes me.

I deeply believe that together with all beings who share this planet, we can create a world where we are equal beings, where we recognize each other’s right to exist, to a mutually satisfying coexistence, and above all, that man no longer lives in the illusion that he is the main actor on this planet. I see forest baths as one of the important possibilities and opportunities for entering and traveling along this path.

It is no coincidence that life led me to the practice of forestry or natural therapies and that I became a certified forest/nature therapy guide according to the ANFT model. It was and still is love at first sight for me and I am very aware that I am still developing as a guide and always will. Nature is my main teacher, supporter and motivator in this and everything else I do in life.

In addition to forest baths, I also perform sound and crystal baths, and in addition, I can support you with various life challenges through conversation, in the form of counseling. After my basic education, I have a university degree. B.Sc. social worker, with quite a lot of mileage in this field, but life led me to choose my own path in middle age.

I can lead you to forest/nature therapies individually, in pairs or in groups (also for closed groups, team building), mostly in the coastal – karst area and in Goriška, but I am also open to other possibilities and opportunities in other parts of Slovenia

In a forest, on a meadow, in an olive grove, by the sea, by a river, a lake, a lavender plantation, a vineyard… The environments where I lead are truly very diverse and each one has its own charm.

I offer:

Location: Primorska and elsewhere in Slovenia by prior agreement