Simona Šmit

I am Simona Šmit, a nature lover who follows the guideline that Nature is our medicine.

I live in the beautiful Savinjska Valley with a house on the edge of the forest and I am a lover of nature, herbs, nature photography, walking, yoga, visiting the hills, certified aromatherapist NPK and a passionate researcher of the forest, forest energy and guide of forest baths, who after a one-year education in the field of forest /tree therapy under mentoring in Slovenia, continued her subsequent education and obtained a certificate from Nádúr – the Center for Integrative Forest Therapy from Ireland – At the same time, my education in the field of NLP – neurolongistic programming, which I can use at every step, even when conducting forest baths, helps me in my view of the world, life, reactions to life’s obstacles, situations. The desire for continuous education in the field of nature, forest activities, plants, botany, herbalism, personal growth, etc… and connecting with like-minded and active people is a great inspiration for me, which greatly enriches my everyday life. My relationship with nature has changed my life and priorities.

It is with great pleasure that I pass on the love of nature through publications, photos and leading forest baths, raise awareness of the importance of the connection between man and nature, I want to show how life with nature is simple, rich and meaningful, and at the same time raise awareness of environmental issues.

By intertwining and adding benefits and information from the field of aromatherapy, I like to create creative ideas, preparations, encourage curiosity and awareness that returning to nature is important, healthy and necessary for normal human existence.

I offer: forest bath for individuals and groups

Location: Savinja valley