Petra Draškovič Pelc

Petra is a curious researcher by heart, also holding a PhD in Biomedical science but always very close to the heart of Nature. Curiosity and spending time in Nature have shaped her way and helped her to explore the world around – the forest, the moor, mountains. All of these have shaped me and helped me choose for me – what I love most.
However, she decided to turn her hobby (photography and travel) into the profession in 2015. Since then she works as a professional photographer, responsible nature guide, certified tourist and interpretive guide, certified guide of forest therapy, writer for different magazines, and researcher through different projects.
The results of her work mirror through writings, lectures, through photography, or just simply through her way of guiding in nature.
She loves wild Nordic lights, solitude in the forest, as well the spirit of the wilderness of her home – Kočevsko, the secret forest of Slovenia, which became her home.

I offer forest therapy for groups/ for individuals, or on request for companies or closed groups.

Area: Kočevsko, Ribnica, Dolenjska – by request or interest it is possible also at your place, too.