Monika Glavonjić

I am Monika, sensitive and gentle, but at the same time loud and passionate. Very open and curious at heart, researcher and creator, i love theatre, art and nature.

My path to Forest therapy was a journey of self-discovery and healing. When life became painful, dark and challenging, I intuitively searched for refuge in nature, where I spent hours in observation and silence and without realising it, nature showed me the path of healing.

During the years of self-exploration, I attended many courses and weekend retreats and tried various relaxation and personal growth practices. I also met with forest therapy; it was only a fleeting encounter, but it settled down in a special place. Then, a few years later, one day, I felt a call. Intuitively, I started looking for information about this approach; I was drawn to something that I did not quite understand. I came across a pilot training group that combined hearing and deaf/hard-of-hearing participants. This was a sign for me; as a future interpreter of Slovenian sign language and the daughter of deaf parents, I felt the call to present and pass on this practice, especially to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

I have established Forest Harmony, for which I want to be based on the belief that the forest is a place where we can all find a place to rest, recharge with energy and reconnect with nature and ourselves. I believe that the knowledge of our connection with nature is in each of us, we may just need to awaken it. I want to offer an inclusive space that encourages self-care and well-being.

Contact with nature has enriched my experience and outlook on life, and I want as many of us as possible to feel this inseparable connection between humans and nature.

I offer:

Location: Central Slovenia region, Dolenjska – by agreement also elsewhere.