Mateja Gruden

The personal journey that led me to conducting forest therapy began with an ever-increasing desire to spend as much time as possible in nature. Over time, the realization came that this time “fixes” bad days; that it improves well-being and mood. In addition, in contact with nature, thoughts became clearer and ideas more creative. First of all, it was a personal experience – and this prompted the beginning of research into the effects of nature on humans. Many researches only confirmed what I was experiencing. Experiencing and conducting the first forest therapies brought an increasingly intense personal feeling of nature whenever I seek its company; even during sports, which are also part of my everyday life, be it running, mountaineering, climbing… It’s wonderful to introduce elements of forest therapy into them as well!

I offer forest therapy for groups/ for individuals, or on request for companies or closed groups.

Location: Ljubljana and the rest of the Central Slovenia region; Maribor with Pohorje; by agreement also elsewhere in Slovenia.