Maja Žerovnik

There is something intangible about the forest that has attracted me, inspired me and sparked my imagination since I was a child. Whether it’s its scent that surprises at every step, the whisper of the treetops in the wind, or the mist that covers the undergrowth like a delicate lace in the early mornings. Maybe these are also stories about the dwarf and the Wild Yaga in the vast forests of Menina planina or the Flood Man who lives in Srnjak’s cauldrons.
The forest gently whispers stories. Yours too. Join me and listen to her.
I am Maja, a certified forest therapy guide and co-manager of the herb shop and herb garden in Gornji Grad in the Upper Savinjska Valley.
In 2020, the desire for a deeper contact and understanding of nature and the exploration of my own interior took me all the way to Norway, where I took part in training under the auspices of ANFT. Since then, I have been performing forest baths in my home forest under the auspices of the Babave brand in all seasons.

I offer forest therapy for groups/ for individuals, or on request for companies or closed groups.
Location: Gornji Grad, Upper Savinja Valley

I offer: Forest bath for individuals and groups

Location: Gornji Grad, Savinja valley