Katarina Čuk

I am a translator, writer, the first certified forest therapy guide in Slovenia and the founder of the Forest Alchemy method. I completed my education as a guide in l. 2017 in what was then the heart of the global forest therapy organization ANFT, in the fragrant forests of S. California. I was happy to work as a mentor for new guides for 3 years and co-organized the training twice in Slovenia.

The forest is full of stories. Both those around us and the forest within ourselves. My mission is to connect people and nature and give voice to trees and other natural creatures so that new and new magical stories can be written. I also help passionate nature lovers find and develop a life mission for and with Nature, for the good of themselves, Planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

I came to this first through nature healing, meditation, education and therapy, and even today it helps me to balance my physical, mental and spiritual health, so I like to share stories and inspirations about it.

In my story, Nature is timeless, just like our inner nature and the nature of every living, sentient being. Nature includes all creatures such as trees and other plants, animals, stones, waters, soil, natural elements, guardians of nature and others – as well as humans. We stand together, connected, equal, in reciprocity. In a circle.

I offer:

Location: Kranj and Ljubljana