Katarina Alič Čretnik

After my childhood, which I spent in one of the Bohinj villages in the Upper Bohinj Valley, my educational path took me to Ljubljana. I met my husband there and moved with him to Zgornja Savinjska dolina, where we started a family.

After more than 15 years of working mostly in the world of online journalism and digital marketing, I increasingly feel the need to disconnect from the analog world. I long for a wireless connection that I can establish in the embrace of nature, in the embrace of the forest.

Since my soul is restless and always looking for new knowledge and insights, in the summer of 2022 I became a certified neuro-linguistic programming trainer (with the INLPTA association). In March 2023, I joined one of the international groups that will complete the training for forest therapy guides at the American ANFT Association after six months.

The very thought of learning how to help people open the door to the forest as a forest bath or forest therapy guide fills me with joy and a certain amount of responsibility. I am thinking about how I can use all the acquired knowledge to make the experience of the forest even better for the participants of my walks. Even now, during the training, it is nice to listen to the stories of the participants, who tell me that despite often walking through forests or city parks, they have never before experienced and felt the forest in the way that a guided forest bath offers. I look forward to being able to open many more doors for the forest to carry out its therapy.

Location: Mozirje, Savinja valley