Cvetka Avguštin

I am retired doctor Cvetka, the first certified forest therapeutic walk guide among Slovenian doctors.

Disease prevention and regeneration of body tissues are the topics that employed me and guided my work in the outpatient clinic. I believe that the two key directions of medicine are the future. My approach to health is holistic. In the outpatient clinic, I combined the knowledge of modern medicine with traditional, partly already forgotten therapeutic methods. My approach was distinctly individual. An important part of such an approach is cultivating attention, strengthening self-awareness.

With all the noise of the modern world, it is very easy for a person to lose touch with himself. Therefore, taking care of yourself is actually very difficult. I’m single and still happy to stand by people as they discover themselves. Each one of us must find himself in order to be able to offer the world everything he is and take from the world what he needs. It’s that feeling of fullness. This is my definition of selfness.

During my work in the outpatient clinic, I always had the opportunity to include water during therapy. Humans are surrounded by many and different types of water throughout their lives. But I know that in Terme Olimia, where I worked, very special water springs up from the depths. For thousands of years, she has been accepting the problems of people who stop by her side, yet she remains bright and gentle… She knows how to caress a person from the outside and the inside…. In the thermal water of Olim, there is not only the endless love of mother nature, but also a deep, dreamlike silence. When people surrender to it in swimming pools, it hugs us from the outside, and when we drink it, it caresses us from the inside. But it always strengthens our health and well-being.

And, since I am determined by the nature that surrounds me and I am committed to wholeness, it is not surprising that I connected with the holistic healer forest upon retirement. I think that it was only after training as a forest therapy guide, at ANFT in 2018, that I got the knowledge with which I can actually support people in nurturing/strengthening their health, without side effects.

I am energetic, consistent and dedicated to everything I do. They say that my collaboration with the forest is interesting, smooth and refreshing. Special.

Well, it can’t be otherwise. I have been considered “special” all my life.

I offer: forest bath/therapy for individuals and groups

Location: Obsotelje, Kozjansko, Celje, by agreement also elsewhere