Barbara Favento

After the book titled Shinrin Yoku (Slovenian translation: forest bath) came into my hands in 2018, in the same year I completed training as a forest therapy guide through the American organization Association for Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. The concept of embodiment and conscious connection with nature took over every cell of my body.
The puzzle of children’s reading of Japanese fairy tales, primary school correspondence with a Japanese friend, study of Japanese studies, life in Japan and finally even creating a nest in neighboring Austria began to come together. Forest therapy suddenly answered most of the whys of my life path up to that point.
Opening the door to a deeper connection with natural elements led me more and more to an active connection with myself. As a mother of two beautiful creatures, I devote my free time to mindfulness in nature, creativity with colors on paper, barefoot contact with the yoga mat and the dance floor. The practice of forest therapy has become the common thread not only of our own charitable rest, but also of environmental and social activism for a better everyday life for all of us. When we manage to connect more deeply with something or someone, then we consciously protect and guard it. And isn’t that what our planet really needs today?

I offer:

Location: Austrian Carinthia, by agreement also in Slovenia